A simple meal with dessert

My journey for cooking has only started a few months ago. Now, my love for cooking has not stopped increasing. However, because of time constraint, as I'm working full time in school, I can only cook simple decent meals for my dear husband (DH) and myself.

Before married, I didn't attempt to cook a single meal for my family. One reason is my mother doesn't allow me to touch her precious utensils, and she always says that I can't really clean up the kitchen properly ;( The other reason is I don't know how to cook sophiscated dishes. Simple ones like fried egg, white rice, I have no problem at all. However, I don't know how much seasoning to put for other dishes. That's the biggest problem. Therefore, my mum says "You better eat my cooked food, do cooking after you get married!" ... ....

Well, that's what I am doing right now, learn cooking after married to a man who loves home-cooked food. No choice, I have to roll up my sleeves and start browsing through one cookbook after another, to learn the art of cooking. Well, to date, I am confident enough to cook, not only for my dear husband, but for his family too, after two years of marriage.

Recently, I cooked a simple dinner (at least to me), came with a dessert. After dinner, my DH commented that my cooking has improved a lot, but still room for improvement. I have 3 dishes and a dessert. Honey-baked chicken wings, french beans with spicy shrimp floss, fried peanut tofu slices and sweet almond & gou qi zi sweet paste. For 2 persons, that's quite a lot, but every bit was swopped up by my DH.

Here's the pictures:

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