Itchy hands want to cook

My itchy hands wanted to cook yesterday, so I whipped up a spaghattie, potatoe pancake and a dessert.

Spaghattie with wine prawns, broccoli & baby bamboo shoot topped with chicken sausages tomatoe mushroom sauce.

Potatoe pancake. It comprised of green & yellow bell peppers & shredded potatoe & carrot, batter: a little flour, egg white, cold water, pepper & salt. Mixed together well. Pan fried till brown.

Dessert: Gingko nuts, lotus seed, beancurd sheet sweet soup (what a long name for this dessert, but in Chinese is 腐竹白果莲子糖水)Soak lotus seeds in water (I used dried lotus seed). 1 can of clear water ginko nuts (remove the small bud inside as it is very bitter). Soak also beancurd sheets. All these take less than half an hour.Then bring to boil about 2.5 to 3 litres of water with 4 knots of pandan leaves (to give aroma), then put all ingredients to boil for 1.5 hours. Add in sugar to taste. I used fructose instead of fine sugar to cut down on calorie intake.


  1. Nice dishes Esther! Wow So you have 2 different blogss? The other chinese blog I seemed to have difficulty navigating..Haha. Certain links can't click. :)

  2. Hi Aimei

    Thanks for viewing my 2 blogs.

    The Chinese blog is used when I want to write some of my feelings and thoughts in Chinese.

    U have to go to View, then Encoding to change to Chinese Simplified in order to view the blog.

    In fact, the two blogs are about the same, just that the Chinese blog is my very first attempt to do blogging, so continue to keep it.

    By the way, m a chinese teacher, so to write in Chinese is very natural for me. Whereas, my English is half past six, so u can see some grammartical errors in my blog. ;p



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