Muffins again ;-p,,,, and also a Low-Fat Orange Yoghurt Cake

Me and my muffins again, reason being: I love muffins!! Anyway, I love bananas as well, so my banana muffins were "borned" .. *LOL*. ...

Two days ago, I baked my first yoghurt cake, Low-Fat Orange Yoghurt Cake. In fact, this should be baked in a 8 cup tube pan. However, I don't have such a pan, so I used a loaf tin instead. I followed the recipe by Happy Home Baking. HHBaker is really a fantastic baker. If you visit her blog, you can see many yummy recipes, especially bread.
Back to this Orange Yoghurt loaf. I have used top flour instead of cake flour mentioned in HHB's recipe. I think because of this reason, my cake tend to be quite dense and moist, different from what HHB mentioned that hers was soft and light. Other than this, the taste was just nice for my liking and the tint of orange flavour add a punch to the overall taste. It melted in the mouth after a few munches. My dh loves it, he ate 3 slices in a go. <^^>

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