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Life in Sinagpore has been very hectic and demanding.
One's freewill to do anything seems to be a dream that will take years to fulfil.
Retirement age is always pushing back, 55, 62, 65, at now what next?
80? Though is an auspicious number, but I may jolly well be in the wooden box already! :-(
Saving up for retirement has become such a norm topic among Singaporeans. We work so hard now is just to save up enough for our golden years. However, we don't really get to enjoy our present life, then if we strike sick during our old age, what's become of our hard-earned money? Well, of course is back to the source who suggested retirement age to be pushed back as far as possible.
Life is treating me with spices, spicing my tied down life in the four walls of the concrete building. Everyday as I stepped into the noise-filled squarish room, my face will be like a papaya or sometime the underside of a chinese wok. :-/
As I stand tall in front of this nosiy lot, I will stare at them, real hard. Then slowly, they will notice my existence. As I want to open my mouth to say something, this words sounded from one corner of the room:"Lao shi, can I go to toilet?" Next sentence come along:"Lao shi, I want to go to water cooler." Bah Bah Bah ...... Don't they just had their recess? You don't go to toilet during recess? You don't drink during recess? Why must wait until I come in then they wanted to do this & that? HEADACHE! "Laoshi, yesterday's homework I didn't bring." "Laoshi, today got Ting Xie or not?" Oh my! When will this nonsensical life end?

Only my home life can balance up what I am experiencing outside. Though my house is a small little home for my dear hubby and me, it is a haven for me as far as I'm concerned. Nowadays, I rather stay home instead of going window shopping aimlessly.
Even if I go out, I must be accompanied by my DH. My life has become more simpler and happier since entering the 2nd year of my marriage.

I can better handle my emotions nowadays. Thanks to my hubby who is very accomodating towards my short-temperedness.
Entering marriage life has been a great challenge for me as I am an individualistic person. Living with another person with a different background is indeed something young brides-to-be have to consider very carefully before saying "I Do". However, marriage life has in some ways filed some of my rough edges, such as my fiery temperament, my way of looking at things (very individualistic), my way of communicating (blunt) etc. Well, I'm not as refined yet, but I will try and try and try.
Life is not a bed of roses, and violets are not always blue. I just have to humble myself if I want to see my marriage blossom.

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