a lazy saturday . . . . . .

Sometimes I just don't want to step out of the house, especially on a lazy Saturday afternoon. However, DH has requested me to wait for him at Plaza Singapura after his talk at Le Meridien Hotel. Well, since I have not much choices, so be it. After half hour MRT journey, I finally reached Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Oh no! I didn't know how to get to PS. There are so many exits and escalators there. Which one to take? <*~*> I didn't want to ask people because a Singaporean doesn't know how to go around popular places, very pai seh (embarrassed) one. No choice again, just followed the road signs. Alas! I found my way to PS. DH told me he was at 4th level Daiso waiting, but when I reached there, he said he was next door at Times Bookstore. I don't care, at Daiso, without buying something is indeed very odd. So walking around the crowded shop, I found what I need (or want?). Headed to the cashier, long long queue, and I don't know where the queue started from. Anyway, I bought my stuff and went next door. DH was engrossed in reading a book. I didn't disturb him and went around the bookstore and browsed at some recipes. My stomach started to rumble after a while. I called DH to go for dinner. Both of us walked round the plaza but couldn't decide on what to eat. Out of hunger, I suggested Ajisen Japanese Restaurant which we were outside it when deciding what to eat. The waiter raised his voice and said:"Irasaimase!" (welcome) So inside we went. Below are some of the pictures I took for the food we ordered. The food was quite tasty, not too saltish as compared to some Japanese restaurants.
Volcano Ramen for me

Pork Slices Ramen with Mei Cai(梅菜)for him

Some side dishes

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