Malacca Trip 28-29 Nov 2008 (Part 1)

My parents, my parents-in-law, my dear husband (DH) and me went for a short trip to Malacca last weekend. It was a good experience for all of us. Here are some of the pictures I have taken during the trip. 我和家人去了一趟马六甲旅行,两天一夜,行色匆匆,但乐趣无穷。这些都是我用傻瓜机拍下的一些照片。请慢慢欣赏:-)

We alighted from a city bus outside St Paul's Church and opposite the church was this Sungai Melaka. It is now very clean compared to a few years back. The Malaysian government wants to make this city a happening place. They even have boat rides on the river, just like ours at Marina Bay.

I happened to catch this monitor lizard in the river. I think this creature is hungry as it chased after a bird near the riverbank. ;-p

This is the famous St Paul's Church. There are many tourists around the church. There are also many trishaw riders lining up to pick up interested tourists to have a city ride. (RM20 per head) These trishaws are fancifully decorated to attract tourists.

The famous Jonker walk is just a few steps away from St Paul's Church. During the daytime, Jonker Walk is much quieter than during the night.
(look for pictures of nightfall Jonker Walk below)

This is the boutique hotel we stayed - The Baba House. It was renovated barely for 2 months. My DH said that we will stay in this hotel whenever we come to Malacca. The room rate is relatively economical, about S$50 per night, including an American Breakfast.

Even the hotel windows are so "antique"!

This is the lobby of the hotel. It is decorated with antique furniture, from sofa, mirrors to chandlier, all are antiques!

This Chinese Clan Club (会馆)is just opposite the hotel. It seemed that it was just renovated as well. Look at the carvings on the two stone pillars, awesome!

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