Muffin Disaster :-(

This afternoon, while making muffins, I was too greedy to pour too much batter into the muffin cups and the muffins spilled over when baking in the oven ... :-( ... and the result was this: But the muffins looked like pastry soup, do you think so? :-) However, one thing that consoled me, the texture of the muffins were very soft and the crust on top was very crusty and smell very nice. I used the recipe from Babe in the City - KL, but use only half of the recipe. Thanks Babe!

My DH was having a bad throat since yesterday. Thus, for tonight's dinner, I cooked for him vege soup udon and a vege with mock chicken meat. Do you see the star-carrot on the udon? It reminded me of our national flag :-) ...


Fanciful Hair Clips for sale

I have a batch of hair clips to be sold on behalf of my uncle who is sellling ornaments in Batam. These hair clips cost S$2.00 each, which is considered cheap as compared to those clips selling at Aries, Chamelon, Aili etc which can cost up to S$3.00-4.00 each. Here are the pictures. If you want to order, please drop me a line. Payment wise can discuss later.


Wholemeal Banana Cake

I was reading Happy Home Baking's blog I came across this recipe for Wholemeal Banana Cake. I remember I have some wholemeal flour which I seldom use. Since I bounced on this recipe, why not give it a try? And there you are, a fragrance-filled crumbly wholemeal banana cake. The picture I took was not as good as the one I saw on the foodie blog mentioned above. However, the cake was really nice. Thanks Happy Home Baking for the recipe.

For this piece of cake, I put in a little silicon mould to bake, so come out this shape.

Gula Melaka Agar Agar

My mum is always the one who requested this kind of agar agar during CNY. And everytime I give in though this agar agar is not too healthy as it uses coconut milk. However, it is once in a blue moon thing, so just made for her. I used a container with this dome shape, and it came out like an UFO ... :-)

30g agar agar strips (can be bought from Chinese provision shop or local supermarket)
700ml water (put a bit more if you want a softer texture of the agar agar)
170ml thick palm sugar liquid*
3 tbsp brown sugar
400ml coconut milk (I used the 1 ltr packet type)
1/2 tsp salt

* Cook 200g palm sugar in 200ml water till all sugar is dissolved. Use a strainer to strain the liquid palm sugar. Set aside for later use.

1. Soak agar agar strips in cold water until it turns soft. Then boil the strips with 700ml water till all are dissolved. Stir occasionally.
2. Add liquid palm sugar and salt to the agar agar mixture.
3. Bring to boil the mixture in step 2. Then add coconut milk in a slow stream.
4. Reduce heat and keep stirring till mixture starts to boil.
5. Pour mixture through a strainer into your choiced jelly mould, allow to cool before putting into the fridge.


CNY Bake

Recently, I felt no mood to do baking. Don't know what is the reason ?? However, still managed to come out with one kind of CNY cookie - Cashew Nut Crisp. I called it crisp because, I rolled the dough till quite flat, so after baking the biscuits were quite "slim" :-) When you bite on it, it is crispy. In fact, I like it this way.


Banana Cupcake & Pear Sweet Soup

After coming out to give full time Chinese Language tuition, I have more time to do what I like, baking, cooking, making dessert for my DH. I really enjoyed doing it :-)
Banana Cupcake (click here for recipe)

Drinking this kind of sweet soup is good in Singapore's weather, humid and hot. I like to make this for my DH whenever I have pear or apple at home. I added Nan Xing (南杏), Bei Xing (北杏)and dried figs. I used honey sugar instead of normal castor sugar. Try it yourself, it tasted very good :-)

Apricot Jam Muffins

I have a bottle of apricot jam sitting in my fridge which I seldom use it. Since all ingredients were at hand, I whipped up these easy-to-make muffins. The results were quite wonderful. The muffins had a golden brown top and the texture was soft and moist.


Sugar Choco Rice Cookies

I tried baking these sugar choco rice cookies 2 days before the end of 2008. As I was baking, I felt that the year 2008 was just slipping by so quickly. With Christmas and Chinese New Year just one month apart, it gives people a feeling of "岁月催人老"(expediting the ageing process). I'm not being pessimistic when I say this, just 有感而发(just being sentimental) :-)
Anyway, back to my baking. These little rounded top tasted ok, not too sweet or blend. It melted in my mouth when I tried to bite it. With the choco rice, it enhanced the flavour. Good for Christmas as well as CNY.

Packed a few bottles for my family members. I will bake again nearing Chinese New Year.

Baking Again! ~ Banana Cheesecake

Baked this banana cheesecake last month. At the look at it, it doesn't give me the impulse to eat it, not 美美one (doesn't look nice)! However, still have to taste it... ... Wow! After a small slice of it, I can't stop eating it. Even my DH kept on eating. At last we managed to save a small portion for our neighbour. (I like to bake more and give to neighbour, my habit :-p)

Blogging Again!!

I have not been blogging since my last Malacca Trip in December. I was going through a time of struggle as I have decided to quit my teaching job. The thought of quitting without a job is quite scary when you are working for so many years. Once stop working, I find myself very "empty". Though I am giving tuition to six students, I still have the thought of getting a paid job. However, give a second thought to it, I rather give tuition. I have been working for other people for so many years, I really feel very tired. I just want to have a good break for myself. Frankly speaking, I want to be in control of my time.
Two months have gone since I tendered my resignation. For the past two months, I gave tuition to supplement my household income. I should say is not too bad, in fact is better than I expected. Moreoever, tuition allows me to have more time with my husband. I can say that we are having a better relationship than before, communicating with each other more. Before that, I can only talk to him at the end of the day when I was already very tired after a hard day in school. As such, there were times where we had arguments due to mis-communication. Well, I should say I'm glad to have made the decision to leave the ministry. One more important aspect of resignation is that I feel more happy and carefree which lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I don't find myself in a grumpy mood so easily. All in all, I have made the right decision. I know I have a long way to go. For now, resting well allows me to walk further in my life journey. <^ ^>

Our Life's Journey Together

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