Baking Again! ~ Banana Cheesecake

Baked this banana cheesecake last month. At the look at it, it doesn't give me the impulse to eat it, not 美美one (doesn't look nice)! However, still have to taste it... ... Wow! After a small slice of it, I can't stop eating it. Even my DH kept on eating. At last we managed to save a small portion for our neighbour. (I like to bake more and give to neighbour, my habit :-p)


  1. Esther, it doesn't appeal because of the few slices of banana in the middle. if you want to decorate the top, you need to make a pattern or put more. the banana when cooked/baked, looks miserably 'unhappy' . So to make it look better, brush the top of the banana with melted butter, then baked. it will turn the exposed parts golden brown and the taste will be like caramelised banana chips minus the sugar. :) By the way, I add your blog to mine..to inspire others.

  2. Thanks so much Gina for such precious guidance in baking. Yes, pls add me .. :-)


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