Blogging Again!!

I have not been blogging since my last Malacca Trip in December. I was going through a time of struggle as I have decided to quit my teaching job. The thought of quitting without a job is quite scary when you are working for so many years. Once stop working, I find myself very "empty". Though I am giving tuition to six students, I still have the thought of getting a paid job. However, give a second thought to it, I rather give tuition. I have been working for other people for so many years, I really feel very tired. I just want to have a good break for myself. Frankly speaking, I want to be in control of my time.
Two months have gone since I tendered my resignation. For the past two months, I gave tuition to supplement my household income. I should say is not too bad, in fact is better than I expected. Moreoever, tuition allows me to have more time with my husband. I can say that we are having a better relationship than before, communicating with each other more. Before that, I can only talk to him at the end of the day when I was already very tired after a hard day in school. As such, there were times where we had arguments due to mis-communication. Well, I should say I'm glad to have made the decision to leave the ministry. One more important aspect of resignation is that I feel more happy and carefree which lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I don't find myself in a grumpy mood so easily. All in all, I have made the right decision. I know I have a long way to go. For now, resting well allows me to walk further in my life journey. <^ ^>

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  1. i'm gonna make my own post about it


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