Muffin Disaster :-(

This afternoon, while making muffins, I was too greedy to pour too much batter into the muffin cups and the muffins spilled over when baking in the oven ... :-( ... and the result was this: But the muffins looked like pastry soup, do you think so? :-) However, one thing that consoled me, the texture of the muffins were very soft and the crust on top was very crusty and smell very nice. I used the recipe from Babe in the City - KL, but use only half of the recipe. Thanks Babe!

My DH was having a bad throat since yesterday. Thus, for tonight's dinner, I cooked for him vege soup udon and a vege with mock chicken meat. Do you see the star-carrot on the udon? It reminded me of our national flag :-) ...


  1. haha dun worry esther, i learnt thru mistakes too ;-) thanks

  2. thanks for your encouragement. i will continue my passion :-)

  3. I think the spillage makes the muffins look even more yummy! Hee..

  4. Thanks aimei for your encouragement ... 错有错着:-)


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