Cantonese Porridge, Birthday Mee & Birthday Cake

DH loves to eat porridge. And as he was having a bad throat this whole week, this gave me a chance to cook this porridge for him. He doesn't like to have egg in his porridge, but I do like egg. So two versions of porridge ...

I used 澳洲珍珠米for this porridge and the porridge was really 绵绵的. With the added ingredients like shredded ginger, chinese parsley and spring onion, the taste of the porridge was enhanced. I only used 2 tbsp of sunflower seed oil for this porridge and a few drops of sesame oil. Thus, can be considered quite healthy. Share with you the pictures of my porridge.

It was my DH's birthday last Thursday. Hence, I cooked this birthday noodles for him. It is a tradition in my family to eat birthday noodles on our birthdays. Even if we don't cook ourselves, we will order 生面(noodles) at 煮炒档(cooked food stall). My version of birthday noodles include egg noodles, meatballs (sold at supermarket, but very tasty, whether fried or cook in soup), minced meat (marinated with a little salt & pepper), celery (my DH loves it, its crunchy and taste so fresh) and some shredded carrot (for a more vibrant color of the noodles). I used chicken stock for the soup. My DH said he loves to eat noodles this way, more healthy.

I baked this chocolate cheesecake for my DH. Both cakes, as you can see, cracked like no body business. I put both cakes at the lowest rack and also adjusted the temperature of my oven but still the result was not satisfactory. However, the texture and taste of the cakes were good, according to my DH.

This is the bottom of the cake, look much better than the top.

The cheese layer wasn't too obvious. I think I have swirled it too much.


  1. My family has same tradition as yours, eat birthday noodles means 'chang ming'

    I like porridge with pork liver, feel hungry now. Had porridge with egg once in Macau, it tasted good.

  2. This tradition was passed down to me by my dear mom. She insisted that we (my bro & myself) have to eat birthday noodles as well as 红鸡蛋(red egg). So that's what I did it for my husband too :-)


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