Fragrant Glutinous Rice 芳香糯米饭 :-)

My packet of glutinous rice grains was sitting in on the shelf for quite a while. I have thought of cooking glutinous rice before but shelf off the idea due to laziness .. ;-p
Last night, I took out the packet of rice and soaked 1 1/2 cups of rice.
This morning I soaked some dried shrimps and Chinese mushrooms and cut them into cubes. Saute in veg oil (2 tbsp) and sesame oil (2 tsp) with some minced garlic and shallot. Fried them until fragrant then add the soaked glutinous rice with 2 tbsp soy sauce till rice turned golden brown. Transfer them to a steaming dish and steamed for 30-35 mins. Tada! .... Here is my fragrant glutinous rice!

The rice tasted very good even without sambal chilli paste which I love. I didn't add in any salt or MSG or chicken powder. The dried shrimps and mushrooms are already enough to give you the kind of fragrance you want. Those peanuts ikan bilis are optional if you don't like.
When I was eating the rice, I felt a kind of nostalgic feeling abounding in my heart. This was because glutinous rice was one of my favourite food when I was very young. My mum always bought me a small packet of glutinous rice whenever we went to wet market on Sundays. I would sit down and eat my rice while my mum went for marketing. I, being a good girl would wait for her to return. The stall owner who sold the rice would help to keep an eye on me. He even gave me water to drink as glutinous rice tend to be a bit dry. In those days, people were very warmed hearted and helpful. Well, the wet market is still there now (Whampoa area), but the stall owner is not there anymore ... I went back few times to look for the glutinous rice stall but nowhere to be found ... Things change, people change, time change but these nostalgic feelings will not change and will linger on till the day I leave ...

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