Chocolate Sponge Cake

I baked this chocolate sponge cake just now. It was my first attempt ;-p. DH said that taste wise it was good and the texture was soft. But appearance wise still much room for improvement. I think I have let Gina (Kitchen Capers) down. She is my "shifu" but I made some mistakes during baking that I wanted to take note over here:
1. I have used a bigger cake tin and my batter is not enough to fill the tin. I used a 9" springfoam. Thus, the cake came out quite flat. Next time must use a smaller one .. 7" will be good.
2. When I fold cocoa powder to the flour, I did it in a rush. Gina told me to sieve the cocoa powder to prevent lumps from occurring which I did. Still, when I was folding in, lumps appeared and I fold and fold. I think I have "over-folded" it (is there such a term?)
3. Recipe called for 25 mins of baking time at 170*C, then reduced to 150*C and bake for another 10 mins or so. But I thought my oven is ususally very hot, so during the initial baking, I reduced to 20 mins. After that I reduced temp. to 150*C and continue baking. The end result was that, there were chocolate lumps at the bottome of the cake (you can see a bit in the pictures).
So, from the above mistakes I made, I know I have to follow recipe closely, esp. sponge & chiffon cakes recipes. Gina thank you for your guidance though this time round, I have let you down :-(.
Well, with such a cake, what can you do with it? Play with it! With what? Haha "**" ... Chocolate Ganache ......


  1. Esther, first attempt and you got the taste right, Give yourself a pat on the back,dear! :) For me, I always work on taste first. overall look can be mask by decorations. The recipe we use in class is great for small cakes, not 9 inch pan. For that, you need to 2 x the recipe or use a small pan. The other way to handle cocoa powder is to stir it in with the cream/milk. Make sure its warmed. so you won't get lumps. with this recipe, you need to be gentle to fold in, slow and surely, everything will be perfect. Vigorous hard strokes will deflate everything.

  2. Thank you very much Gina for your precious tips. I will try again

  3. Good attempt liao ... and its tasty .. most impt, approved by your hubby :) .. Love to see you so busy cooking and baking.

  4. sherlyn

    i consider myself vy laid back in cooking & baking. i hope to do that evyday, but due to my tuition schedule, can't leh ... next wk onwards hv to go to some pri sch to teach conversational mandarin, lagi busy ... and funny abt me is i don't like to bake in the morning or near afternoon, i like to do it at night. but after tuition come back, vy tired liao .. :'(

  5. Wow Esther, what a creative way to decorate the cake..


  6. ya can understand .. recently I am so busy with household that i cant even bake .. last nite when i ask hubby for appriasal, he even said he think that I did not teach my kids thou i stay at home .. so i lagi cant bake as I like .. for me i only have afternoon time to bake cos the mixer is consider noisy, so after kids sleep i cant do anythg and in morning, too busy. My kids in different sessions mah ..

    Anyway most impt is 3 meals .. after that you can bake ..if too tired, then do on weekend lor .. baking can be therapic, but when tired also no mood one .. imagine all the wash up rite?

    I hope I can find the time to bake soon. son wanted the zebra cake. keke.

  7. Hi Olivia,
    Thks for popping by. The decoration is to cover the flaws of the cake .. :-p

    Hi Sherlyn,
    SAHM also not easy to 当. Woman shd hv their own hobbies and keep it going. Men will hv a thousand & one thing to pick on us. So just do our part properly, they will hv to shut up! :-)

  8. Ya Esther, sahm really isnt easy .. at times I really want to give up ...


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