Banana Cake

Have you come acrossed such situation whereby a word always blink in your mind? Yes, I encountered it today. And when I surfed my favourite foodie blog, this word appeared every now and then. You may wonder what is this word? It is none other than "BANANA"! :-)
The next thing I know was that I have to get BANANAS. Without hesitation, I went down to nearby provision shop to pick up a bunch of banana. When I reached home, within an hour, my banana cake was sitting in the oven waiting to be baked......
Lucky thing was that, I didn't go bananas .. haha!
I got my recipe from here
. It was supposed to be a recipe for banana muffins, but it can bake in cake tin as well to become banana cake. Thank you for sharing your recipe Cooking Ninja. :-)
This cake is soft, moist and fluffy. And it is full of banana aroma, especially when it was baking in the oven, the whole kitchen was so aromatic. My DH said it tasted very good and the top was a little crusty which he liked it.


  1. It always warms my heart to hear a reader of my blog has great success with my recipe and that they love it. :) Next time try it with 3 eggs. The result is even better. :) And if you are a fan of chocolate, add some chocolate chips in it, it is super delicious. :)

  2. Thx for your advice, will try it next round :-)


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