Breadcup Quiche

Today simple lunch for myself & DH ... This breadcup quiche's idea came from Peony of My Culinary Journal. Thanks Anuty Peony for this brilliant idea of using up expiring bread to whip up an interesting dish .... I used chicken franks instead of ham, canned tuna flakes as mentioned in Peony's blog. Other ingredients remain unchanged.
The taste of this quiche is fantastic. Even my DH who doesn't really like to eat bread had a second helping. With the cheddar cheese oozing out, you just can't help but to have a deep bite into it ..... yummmzzz... I have some egg mixture left over from baking the breadcup quiche, so I used it to make a Popcorn Chicken Bread Pudding. I sprinkle some black pepper over the chicken, and after baking, its so aromatic. Another idea of using up my expiring bread. :-)


  1. Hi

    My 1st visit here. The pictures really caught my eyes. Crispy outside, warm soft and creamy inside. Cheesy, cheesy, drool

  2. hmm .. I love it .. thou fattening .. but it will be awhile till I can bake and eat. I lost my voice now and am still recovering from a 10day fever. Will login more often when recovered.

  3. Thx Chumpman for dropping by. It was my 1st attempt doing these breadcup. Give a try, it really tastes good! :-)

    Sorry to hear that you are hvg fever. Pls do take care as the weather is vy "funny" nowadays. Remember drink lots & lots of water. Take care ...

  4. oh, the ingredients are just suggestion, can put in anything , heehee.

    once, I put in leftover roast chk n corn niblet.

    yours look so yummy.

  5. Hi Esther, what an interesting idea! Now I know what to do if I have left-over bread to be expiring. :) Thanks for sharing!


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