What's up for dinner?

Weekend is always a time of relaxation for me. Even doing household chores can be a time to relax, as in my mind. Though the body is walking around the house doing things, but the mind is in a relax mode. I do the chores willingly & happily. :-)

My DH was not at home the whole day, so I have the whole house to myself. When he returned by 3pm, I was ready to prepare for dinner. Sometime is quite difficult to cook for only 2 persons. How much to cook, what to cook ... And I don't like to do a lot of washing up after meal time (I guess many of us have such thinking ..LOL).

Well, in view of such "difficulties", I normally stock up ready-made sauces to whip up a meal. Like last night, I used Woh Hup brand "Nonya Chicken Curry" sauce (can get it from any supermarket) to cook my DH' favourite dish. Though the packet says is for chicken, I guess you can change to any kind of meat of your choice. As for me, I used pork slices to cook with the sauce and it turned out to be very good. This sauce is actually for rendang kind of curry, more of a dried version. However I made some modification to the sauce. I put more coconut milk so that we can have some curry gravy to "rain" on our white rice. Both of us like to eat rice with gravy in it. :-) I know some may not like it this way but my DH and I grew up in a family where we used to have gravy for our rice. Thank goodness we share this same eating habit ... hehehe ...

Here is the packing of the sauce
Here is my version:I also stir-fried a vegetable with ingredients which all started with the letter "C". Make a guess?
It is the letter "C" ... Carrot, Celery and Cashew nuts!! Apparently, I did not put enough cashew nuts, as you can hardly see from the picture. They were all hidden under the reds and greens. :-)


  1. My mom cooks delicious Nonya Chicken curry. She learned it from my grandmother. I cook it very often in France. :)

  2. Are you a peranakan? Nonya Curry is very nice but a lot of work right?


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