Japanese Cheesecake

Baked this cheesecake today. The result was a soft and light cheesecake which my DH said it tasted something like those sold in BreadTalk. Whew! A sigh of relieft as I thought it would be too cheesey because of the whole block of cream cheese I have added. Well, a little consolation for the long weekend ... :-)


  1. hmm ... tasty .. so can your DH can save money on breadtalk cheesecake :).

  2. hehe ... he has never bought any cheesecake for me anyway. in fact before i got married i don't know what a cheesecake taste like. only after knowing him i started to bake and eat cheesecake .. :-)

  3. same here .. i have never eaten a cheesecake before ... my first try .. would be somewhere these few years haha


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