Dessicated Coconut Muffins 椰丝杯蛋糕

My mum and I love snacks made from coconut. For example ondeh ondeh (a nonya snack make of sweet potatoe), putu mayam (an Indian food make of rice noodles that goes well with freshly grated coconut), Chinese tutu (a snack make of rice flour with grated cocconut cooked in gula melaka) etc etc. The list can go on & on.

However, my mum doesn't like butter and milk. Hence, when I make these little muffins using dessicated coconut, I made some changes to the original recipe from here. And for all you know, I accidentally omitted putting baking powder, thus, you can see that my muffins did not rise a lot, kinda tiny ...... Low fat evaporated milk has very mild taste, so my mum did not notice I do use milk in these muffins. WHEW!

35g unsalted butter (i changed to using sunflower oil)
40g brown sugar
1 egg, beaten
50g dessicated coconut
50g plain flour
3/4 tsp baking powder (i accidentally omitted this!)
35ml milk (i changed to using low fat evaporated milk)

1. Preheat oven at 180*C.
2. Cream butter and sugar with electric mixer.
3. Add beaten egg in additions to Step 2, mix well.
4. Add dessciated coconut, mix well.
5. Add sifted flour & baking powder, then add milk. Mix well but don't overmix.
6. Spoon batter into muffin liners and bake for 25 mins till golden brown or when skewer inserted comes out clean.
7. Let cool on the wire rack.
Goes well with a glass of cold milk or a cup of aromatic coffee ..:-p


  1. Guess what .. I love anything with coconut too .. so those 3 items that u hv listed is also my favourite. Now, this recipe that you posted has all the ingredients that is in my cupboard and fridge.

    May I ask, u change the butter to sunflower oil, so do u still cream the butter with sugar? you know my mixer is down and I do not have HHB's handpower. kekeke.

  2. I don't use butter at all. I just replace with the same amount of oil. No need too much hand power. Just mix till all ingredients incorporate will do. Hope this helps. :-)
    Now everywhere has sales. Maybe you can consider buying a new mixer? ^~^

  3. Now that sounds really convenient, will find a day to try. This weekend gog bak to my inlaws place in msia so not sure to bake or not.

    Waiting for GSS lor, but the main reason is I cant decide a kitchenAid or a normal mixer. U got any comments? My dh and mother both say if the kitchenAid can help make job easier and will make a difference in the final product, then get the kitchenAid. What to do, no KungFu so must depend on tools lor. kekeke

  4. I finally made this. They are so yummy, but this recipe produces too little for me to share with my mother. keke. By the way, the muffins are not the fluffy type hor.

  5. Great! Ya these muffins are not fluffy ones. But with the dessicated coconut, every bite gives you the crunch that I love. I believe you love it too :-) I am going to make my second attempt soon ...
    Regarding the mixer, I guess is all depend on your frequency of using it. If your passion for baking is continuous, then a kitchen aid will be a good member of tools to add, otherwise a good normal mixer is suffice.

  6. Ya I love the crunch .. it will be better if it resembles eating coconut tart (like egg tart but its coconut fillings). Can see how coconut loving I am?

    2nd attempt? I want to see hor. I also have prepared my ingredients for 2nd attempt. I even want to try creaming butter with sugar to see what happens , but boy fell ill with diarrhoea and while recovering , it is girl's turn starting today, so it will be a few days later before I can attempt my 2nd try.

  7. Oh my, children are so vulnerable towards virus attack. Must drink lots of water. Don't make anything with coconut yet as coconut causes "wind" in the stomach. :-( You take care too as you are the "pillar" for your children ...

  8. aiyo, coconut cause wind ah .. then I must wait lor. Kids confirm stomach flu, so now on medication .. must wait till next week then. Thanks for letting me know.


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