Mango Pudding

When you have mangoes at home, what do you do with them? Peel and eat them, use them to bake a cake, make a mango milk shake, or make puddings of out these golden fruit? There are so many ways to use them, but I chose the latter option -- make puddings.
I used Rino brand mango flavour jelly crystal to make these puddings. Surprisingly, the result was very good.

1 packet mango flavour jelly crystals (available from supermarkets)
400ml water
3/4 to 1 can of evaporated milk
2 medium size mango, cut into small chunks

1. Bring water to boil, add in the packet of jelly crystal, stir constantly until all crystals dissolved.
2. Add evaporated milk into the jelly mixture, continue to stir till the milk incorporated into the mixture.
3. Spoon mixture into jelly cups with chunks of mango inside. (use a teaspoon to remove unsightly air bubbles on the surface of the mixture)
4. Put into fridge to chill for at least 2 hours before serving.


  1. Wow your mango pudding looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing! Btw, what type of mangoes should we choose for nice and sweet mangoes?

  2. Thx Aimei. I don't choose any particular brand of mangoes. If you are going to make it right away after you buy the mangoes, I suggest you choose ripe ones (yellowish skin). Those sell in NTUC normally come from Philippines which are quite cheap. This batch of mangoes I bought was on promo. Cost only S$2.95 for 3. I put for 3 days then I used them up, bcos when I bought them they were still quite greenish in colour.

  3. hello!
    can i know where you bought you rmango jelly crystals?

  4. Oh I bought the mango crystal from NTUC. In fact any brand of mango crystal will do :-)

  5. thanks!
    i bought the rinko brand one and it turned out well! : )


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