Simple cooking

These 2 dishes are simple to cook, especially the sweet & sour fried tau kwa.

The first was sweet & sour fried tau kwa(甜酸炸豆干). I bought ready-made fried tau kwa, which simplify my cooking, I just need to make it hot on my frying pan. Also, I bought ready-made sweet and sour sauce. But I made a mistake, I should taste it before I poured everything onto the tau kwa. It was way too sweet for my hubby and my liking. I should have squeezed some lemon juice or lime juice to neutralise the sweetness of the sauce. The next dish is a simple fried bee hoon with braised pork belly, topped with some fried shredded egg, and of course my favourite cabbage.

The braised pork belly is in canned form, can get from any supermarket. You just need to pour away the gravy, which is very oily, and fry together with your favourite noodles or bee hoon.

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