3rd attempt on Pandan Chiffon Cake

Am I crazy or not, within one week or so, I have baked this chiffon for 3 times!! Well, I believe practice make perfect. Each time I baked, I believe my skill has improved. Though my presentation of this cake is still not very nice (some of the skin came off when I unmoulded it), but I'm really happy that I made it! Once again, I adapted the recipe from Aunty Yochana. Thank you very much Aunty for this great recipe. Ok, long story make short, here are the pics.


  1. Thx :-) I saw yours too, also very tall and nice. We got the same recipe from Aunty Yochana. So result is about the same. But yours nicer bcos my unmoulding skill is still room for improvement ;-p

  2. mine .. wasnt that nice leh .. the bottom .. I remember still have "compressed" cake .. I think it is from the sinking.

  3. We need to practice and practice. Recently Happy Home Baker baked one lemon chiffon, looks tempting. Would want to try my hands on it .. Hehe ...

  4. *sigh* if only I had all the time in the world ..... Cant wait to see your lemon chiffon .. imagine the lemony smell .... hmm so 開胃。

  5. looking at the timing, you were online at wee hours. :-) which means u hv little sleep, isn't it? take care of health sherlyn.
    I understand, a housewife even if she has 48 hours a day also not enough, bcos she has hundred and one things to do. :-/


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