A delicious Malaysian Dessert ... a popular afternoon repast

Pulut in Malay language means glutinous rice, Bubur means porridge and Hitam means black colour. Hence, Pulut Bubur Hitam means Black Glutinous Rice Porridge! :-) It is a popular dessert both in Malaysia and Singapore. It is eaten with a dollop of coconut cream or freshly squeezed coconut milk which will enhance the favour of the Bubur.

I cooked some today and it was finished within one hour ... my hubby has 2 bowls of it, which he does not normally have such appetite for this kind of dessert ...


80-100g Black Glutinous Rice

8-10 tbsps White Sugar

3-5 pandan leaves (screwpine leaves),
tie into knots

2-3 tbsps corn flour (depending on how gluey you want),
mix with 2-3 tbsps of water to make it into a thickener

coconut milk, to be added during serving time

1. Soaked the black glutinous rice overnight.

2. Wash glutinous rice thoroughly. Put rice and water into a pot and cook over medium heat until rice is soft and almost creamy, then add pandan leaves.

3. Add sugar and simmer for a further 10 to 15 minutes over gentle heat. (Never add sugar to the glutinous rice at the start or you will have difficulty cooking it.)

4. Add corn flour mixture to the glutinous rice and bring to a boil, then remove from heat.

5. To serve: put two to three tablespoons of thick coconut milk into each bowl of glutinous rice porridge.

Note: The amount of ingredients largely depends on how many people you are serving. The recipe here is just a rough guide.

Some other desserts made with black glutinous rice:


  1. It must be very tasty since it is gone within 1 hours. This is another of my fav, cos got coconut mah. Too bad, I am not too into dessert making. But its a long time since I had this dessert, like more than 10 years.

  2. Huh? So long ago? U can hv it in any of the foodcourt. But i prefer to cook myself. When hvg dessert outside, I eat those that I will never cook myself :-) Anyway, how are your kids, they recover from their flu?

  3. ya that long ago. I know I can eat alot of desserts and food outside, but now with kids, I will usually eat what they eat (cos they usually have remainders), and these kind of desserts are not their liking. *sigh*

    Same same, i will usually try to eat things that I cant cook, or seldom cook at home.

    My kids have recovered from flu and the diarrhoea just last week, but I think my girl is going to have another round, cos dh have flu after he came bak from overseas trip.

  4. 哎哟!一波未平,一波又起 :-( 

  5. 沒辦法啦。是啊,健康就是財富。


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