Love for Muffins

I have not been baking muffins for two months, the last one was on 18 April. I love to bake muffins just because it is so simple to do, yet so yummy. I have always used Happy Home Baking's muffin recipe and it does not fail to let me yield nice and fluffy muffins. Really thank her for her marvelous recipe.

I baked two batches of Chocolate Chips Muffins, today and the day before. Today's muffins were baked for my hubby's business friends. My DH said the muffins were very nice and wanted to let his friends try some. He himself who does not have a sweet tooth like me, "gobbled" down two at a go. <^~^>

I think the saying of "practice make perfect" is so true. My very first attempt of baking muffins was a disaster. However, throughout these years, I have improved and that's a comfort to me. Anyway, I will continue to explore more yummy muffin recipes. I can't just stop here, must move on.

For this batch, I used self raising flour instead of plain flour.


  1. 哈哈哈哈哈~
    thanks for reminding,,,me blur blur...didnt notice Anonymous..^_^|||
    u r lazy these days.....no update...

  2. 是啊,最近很累:-( 因为我是教补习的,所以开学后很忙,因此很累,就少update我的blog了。人在江湖,身不由已......


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