1st & 2nd attempt of baking Pandan Chiffon Cake

Within 2 days, I baked 2 Pandan Chiffon Cake.

The first one was kinda flop :-( It looked quite tall initially. However, it shrank quite a bit after slicing, and I blamed myself for not being patience enough to wait for the cake to cool completely before slicing. Furthermore, I think I have used the wrong pan size. Thus, it looked like this: The second attempt was much much better. I had used Aunty Yochana's Pandan Chiffon Cake recipe. Besides not adding pandan juice, and didn't add too much artificial green colouring, I followed her recipe closely.

During the first attempt, I didn't adjust my oven tempt. and the cake came out kind of burned at the side. This time round, I adjusted my 19ltr oven to 160*C instead of 170*C mentioned in her recipe. I also turn off the fan in my oven. Thus, the cake came out not burned, with a pastel green surface. The cake itself was soft and fluffy. My niece, who is a cake lover, had 2 slices in one go :-).

The chiffon cake rose very high in the oven, near over the brim of the tube pan. After it was removed from the oven, it shrunk quite a bit, but still tall, about 3inches high (according to my standard). However, if you look at Aunty Yochana's chiffon cake, hers is a perfect flat top and very very tall. My cake top was slightly sunkened and my skill of removing the cake from the pan still need a lot of practice. However, I considered myself a successful attempt on making this challenging chiffon cake. Of course, my next round of chiffon cake making must be better than these 2 rounds. Practice make perfect and permanent. Agree?

Here are the pictures of my 2nd attempt:


  1. although sink but taste as great right?? Look so good, very well mixed.

  2. Thank you Diana for your encouragement. The taste is just nice, not too sweet :-)
    I have made a third attempt on making pandan chiffon... crazy me >**< (refer to my latest blog)

  3. Your Pandan Chiffon cake looks fantastic. I have yet to try making them.

  4. Thanks Cooking Ninja for your kind encouragement. I have made a 3rd attempt but yet to upload the photos. I have tried so many times because my mum likes to eat this kind of cake only. I will try other flavour soon, if not my mum will get tired eating the same flavour .. LOL... :-)


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