A simple meal

Hubby & me had dinner at my mum's place 2 days ago. It was a day after my parent's 48th wedding anniversary. My parents normally don't celebrate whatever occassion. Most of the old folks of their time don't like fanciful celebration like our younger generation. Their love for each other is so subtle. So are my parents. They knew each other through blind date, got married, gave birth to my older brother and myself, gone through thick and thin together, and there they are, clinging on to each other as they grow old together. 48 years of marriage, not an easy road to go through. Thus, I love them with every heart beat I have. To them, I salute and humble myself before them. I love you DAD, I love you MUM.

For the dinner, I cooked a dish where my family had not eaten at home before ~ Marmite Pork Ribs. The taste wasn't to my expectation but my family said it was nice. I guess, to each his own taste. For me, it wasn't sweet enough, should have put a little bit more honey.

My dear mum cooked the rest of the dishes. She is a great cook. I have been enjoying her home-cooked food for the past 30 over years and will continue to do so. Before she married my dad, she has not cooked a single meal for her family before. It was only after marrying my dad that she picked up cooking and there she soared and soared in her cooking skills. She learned through hard way without any guidance from anyone. I really admire her. I hope to pick up her cooking skills as much as I can and pass on the skills to my next generation, if possible.

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