Easy Dinner & a gift, a lovely but sinful one ...

I am not a person who like to cook fanciful dishes
which take me a lot of time.
Hence, a meal with fried noodles and a soup will
make a perfect meal, for me and my DH :-)

My neighbour's wife who is an Indonesian from Medan
went back to her hometown recently.
When she was back to Singapore, she gave us this lovely but sinful Kueh Lapis as a gift. The taste is heaven ... but it was too oily because of the butter.
I heard that Kueh Lapis uses a lot butter to bake. Is it true?
Some facts about Kueh Lapis:
Wikipedia describes it as,"Kuih lapis (layer cake) is a rich kuih consisting of thin alternating layers made of butter, eggs and sugar, piled on top of each other. Each layer is laid down and baked separately, making the creation of a kueh lapis an extremely laborious and time-consuming process. "

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