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I got this great sharing by Delicious Weekender. As I read, I find that most women, if not all, need to remind ourselves of these important facts. Do read on and enjoy. Thank you Delicious Weekender for this wonderful sharing.

This is what she has shared:

1. You are not your worst critic. You are your best friend.

2. Accept that you'll never look like the chick on Smallville and be comfortable in your own skin.
Confidence shines from inside and translates into very attractive exterior beauty.

3. You are the culmination of several generations of ancestors gone. Your birth has a purpose no matter what you think of yourself. Accept yourself so that you can realise that purpose.

4. Be responsible to yourself. What passes your lips should in essence be medicine to your body. Desserts and snacks are more so food for the soul and not the body. So be conscious of that fact.

5. Exercise. A good run, pushing your body to its limits does wonders (click here).

6. According to studies, Stomach fat is the most dangerous fat there is (click here). So no matter how big or small your rear is, if you've got a paunch, work now to reduce it (click here).

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