My Birthday Post :-)

Yesterday was my birthday,
DH brought me to the place we used to go when we were dating -- Sembawang Park.
It was in the evening, the sun was setting,
quickly grap my camera and snapped this pic.

Though it is still school holiday, Sembawang Park
was not too crowded yesterday (maybe it was weekday).
DH & I enjoyed the light breeze at the jetty.
We held each other hand,
bringing us down the memory lane,
we remembered the night where we spent
at the Sembawang Park, just wanted to view
the beautiful sun rise the next day. :-)
These was one of the "crazy" thing we did. ;-p
On my birthday, he brought me here,
to remember our sweet days together,
as well as bringing me to Beaulieu House Restaurant
located at the hill of Sembawang Park for dinner.
(picture below, the white colour building)

We ordered our food and sat down at the restaurant
and looked at the seaview.

The sea was calm and the surrounding was serene.
I felt so very "幸福" (happy).
"幸福"because my DH loves me dearly,
and also I can walk my life journey
with him, and come what may,
he is there for me.

Thank DH for making my birthday a
memorable one. I really appreciated it
from the bottom of my heart.
Love you my dear :-)
With the soft yellow lights lighted up,
the restaurant looked so nice and comfortable.

These were the food that we ordered. The dishes name are on the picture itself.

Verdict of the food in Beaulieu House Restaurant:
The food itself tasted very nice.
Especially the scallop aparagus.
The asparagus was very crispy (爽口)
and the scallop very sweet and fresh.
The mamite chicken was my favourite dish.
The chicken was coated with a layer of malt (I guessed)
which made it so tasty.
The salted cuttlefish was crispy and nice too,
just that a bit salty for me.
Overall the food is good. However, only one comment,
the portion is kinda small.
Thank goodness both of us were not very hungry.
If not this portion won't be enough for us. :-)


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