Still a long journey to go

I love to cook simple and easy homecooked meals,
and bake simple cakes with not much of details.
I also like to take photos of my food.
However, I don't really present my food in a nice way
like other "professional" food bloggers,
I just aim, shoot and upload my food photo :-p
Blogging about my cooking & baking experiences
(though not much of an improvement lately),
is a way to let myself remember
how I have changed from a person

who know nuts about baking & cooking,
to someone who appreciates it very much.
I know I still have a long journey to go in my
culinary skills, but I believe that my skills
will be refined over time. :-)

Spaghetti with Tomatoe & Mushroom Sauce
This honey baked chicken thigh was very tasty. DH liked it very much. However, we bought too
little of the thigh meat. DH said must bake again
in the near future as he has not enough of it ... LOL
I just marinated the thigh with
a pinch of salt,
a teaspoon of oyster sauce,
5-6 tablespoons of malt (麦芽糖),
and a little chicken powder.
Bake in preheated oven at 220*C for 20 mins
or till meat is tender and golden brown.
After 10 mins into baking,
turn the meat to the other side and bake.
Serve with vege of your choice.
Baked this Apricot Yogurt Cake 3 days ago.
Forgotten to take picture of the whole unmoulded cake.
The picture of the sliced cake was so ugly, but
still want to put here to share what is it called
unsuccessful slicing :-)


  1. I never present the stuff that I bake or cook in nice professional ways too .. I just try to get a clear picture. But I think the normal presentation is enough .. just like how you arrange the veges with the spagetti, and how the bake chicken thigh is arranged (ya I haven bake chicken for a long time too :) )

  2. well, to me simple is everything. 简单就是美(自我安慰...)


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