so sad ...

So sad ... yesterday night, DH & me went to Thomson Plaza to have our dinner. Unfortunately, my DH lost his wallet inside Han's Cafe. We went around the place to look for it, but in vain. Lucky thing was that, he has only 3 credit cards and S$30++ in his wallet only. He has another wallet with all the important cards like ID card, ATM cards etc. Just treat as 破财挡灾(to salvage some situations with money).

After the incident, DH told me that in fact he didn't really want to go to Han's to have coffee. He felt kinda restless as we walked towards Han's. Don't know if this is an omen that something will happen later? True enough, this incident happened right under our nose. Sigh ......

Sometime, we have to trust our instinct. Of course, it is not always accurate. Anyway, this whole thing taught me a good lesson to be always alert with our personal belongings when we are in a crowded or public place.

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