Luncheon Meat Cheesey Breadcup

Bake some breadcups yesterday. Not folllowing any recipe, just go according to my heart feeling. My whitebread was expiring soon, so thot of this method to use up the remainder bread. I added beaten egg, a small slice of cheddar cheese as base, mixed vege, luncheon meat cubes and some mozzela cheese as topping. The end result was very satisfactory, very tasty breadcup with cheese.


  1. I have been wanting to make bread cups for a long long time, but I never remember it can be done so easiy with just eggs as the liquid filling. Anyway I do not hv a muffin tray, oni mini muffin .. I really got to find time to try this, perhaps with egg tart mould. hahaha.

  2. ya you can use the egg tart mould to do breadcups. but must first compress the slices of bread so that they are folded easily. you can use any filling you like, spagehtti sauce, custard, mashed potato etc etc ....

  3. Wao, even spagetti sauce? Maybe that will be too sweet or salty :) but I really hope to try it soon :)


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