Mango Tiramisu Cake

Passby a fruit shop in Toa Payoh and saw a punnet of 3 mangoes cost only S$3.00. Since I have decided to use up my cream cheese & sponge fingers which were lying there for quite some time, I quickly grapped the mangoes and went straight home to start my Mango Tiramisu cake making.Please pardon me for the lousy assemble of the cake as this was my first attempt to make such a cake. I still need a lot of skills and patience in cake making, as well as cake decoration.

Mango Tiramisu Cake

30 nos. Sponge Fingers
250g Philly Cream Cheese

2 tbsps Icing Sugar
200ml Whipping Cream
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
Enough Peel Fresh Mango juice to dip the sponge fingers

I used a 7.5" springform pan which required 20 sponge fingers
(each cut into 2.5" long) to surround it.
As for the syrup, I used Peel Fresh Mango juice to dip the sponge fingers.
I sliced the mango thinly and set aside.
I whisked a block of cream cheese with 2 tbsps of icing sugar till smooth.
Using an electric mixer, I beat the whipping cream with vanilla essence till stiff peak, then mixed with the cream cheese mixture till well blended.

The order to layer the cake went like this:
1) the base is the sponge fingers (broken into smaller pieces) soaked in mango juice
2) spread a layer of cream cheese mixture evenly on the sponge fingers
3) arrange a layer of thinly sliced mango
>> repeat the order till all ingredients are used up

Cake before chilling in the fridge:

Cake after chilling overnight in the fridge:
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My DH loves this cake to the core, mouthful by mouthful, he ate till he finished the whole big piece, which he seldom does that. He doesn't have a sweet tooth. From the way he eat it, I know the cake is delicious. Well, I felt comforted as this was my first attempt.

I will try it with other fruits with my next attempt. :-)


The cross section of the cake. You can see that I really have no skills in assembling the
cake :-(

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