My Simple Lunch

Few days ago, during lunch time, I was at home pondering what to eat. Ting! Suddenly an idea popped out:TUNA WRAP. I have all the ingredients I needed. The ingredients are all so simple: a can of Tuna flakes in water (drained the water before use), Miracle Whip, chilli sauce or ketchup, 1-2 pieces of wraps, some lettuce. Just that I need to pan heat the wraps in a frying pan (without oil) before I used it.
Wraps are very versatile. They can be eaten in many different ways, some examples are these:

Egg & Vege Wrap

Ricotta Or Cottage Cheese Wrap

Roasted Chicken Wrap

The list on how you gonna eat your wrap goes on ......................

As you know, I go with anything simple. Don't ask me to cook up a table of dishes for lunch, is just too troublesome. Even for dinner, I won't lay a line of dishes, 4-5 plates of food, like my mum does. Call me lazy or what, I just go my simple way ... :-?

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