A Short Getaway: GENTING HIGHLAND云顶高原


Eversince Genting Highland has included a theme park and with new hotels added to the famous tourist attraction, I have not landed on it. Taking the opportunity of me having no tuition assignments for few days, on 4 Nov, DH bought 2 bus tickets (including hotel stay in First World Hotel) from Transtar Travel and there we set off.

We went on night bus, 10.30pm, picking up point at Lavender MRT Station. The coach was a luxurious 26 seaters, with 6 seats below, 20 above. We used the Tuas Second Link to cross over to JB. Everything went on smoothly at both the Singapore & JB customs.
This is the kind of 26 seaters luxurious coach we travel on.

Tuas Second Link

After a 30 min break at Yong Peng, we continued our journey. That night's weather wasn't too good, kept drizzling. It was raining very heavily when we reached the foot of Genting Highland. Nonetheless, the journey contined. As the bus went higher and higher, I could feel pressure in my ears. Maybe too long never travel on airplane, thus, even this small little up hill journey also can give me such impact.

When we reached the coach terminal at First World Hotel, I could literally see the trees swaying like nobody business, with thick fog hovering around us. I felt like I have landed on a misty wonder land. B-) The temperature was very low, I presumed, because as I stepped out of the coach, I shivered, which I seldom did that. My DH was only wearing a polo t-shirt and he did not scare of the cold at all. I quickly let him had my shawl, but if you know guys like to act tough and he rejected my offer! Ok ok, I let him be and told him if he HA-CHEW, don't come near me >:-<>

The coach terminal at First World Hotel.

We stay at this First World Hotel which is a big hotel, which you can see from the
lobby itself. When we first reached there at about 5am in the morning, the reception clerk
told us to come back at 9am for room check-in. Since we have much time left, we headed straight to the Hotel Casino. :-) Too bad photo taking is not allowed in the Casino, so no pictures to show you.

Some pictures of the hotel surroundings.

Pictures showing different spots of the hotel shopping mall.

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