Some thoughts about the trend in cake baking

Nowadays, when I surfing food blogs, it is not difficult to find many food bloggers learn to make fondant cake. I was really enticed me into learning to make such cakes.

However, upon second thought, I give up the idea. I thought, the whole cake is covered with a whole piece of sugar-made fondant, which means, when we eat the cake we are eating SUGAR UPON SUGAR (cake also used sugar to bake!).

No doubt fondant cake presents beautifully but I think I will not try to learn it. Even for cupcakes. Many food bloggers decorate their cupcakes with layers of fondant. Can it really be eaten? I don't dare to eat and don't want to eat. Colourings plus sugar. Though they say all these ingredients are edible, I still scared scared.

Anyway, the above is my personal opinion only. No offense to anyone fond of doing fondant cake. But I can say that I really admire those bloggers who spend so much time doing their master pieces. Salute to you! :-)

Aren't they beautiful and exquisite?


  1. Hi, this is my first time to your blog. Like you, I was enticed to learn how to make fondant cakes. I don't have a sweet tooth, so for me to make this, it's basically a challenge to myself.

  2. Hi Blessed Homemaker
    Thanks for dropping by :-)
    I do frequent your blog and like your baking & cooking, but just that i didn't pen any comment. :-)
    In fact, I have a sweet tooth, but fondant is something I dare not try, colour plus sugar. However, I may try making one such cake in the near future, just like you say, a challenge to myself.

  3. It agree, rather useful phrase

  4. Hi Anonymous
    Thanks for dropping by ...


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