Gingerbread Man

I have never baked Gingerbread Man before. On Christmas Eve, I went shopping at Marine Parade and came across an NTUC Finest supermarket. As it was my usual manner, I walked to the Baking Needs section. There I saw this packet of Greens Gingerbread Man cookie mix "staring" at me.
:-} Thus, it went into my basket.

The next day, I baked it according to the instruction on the packet. However, one step I did not really follow is the chilling time for the dough. It stated on the box that the dough has to be chilled for 10-15 mins for the dough to be hardened for easier handling. But I have to chill my dough for more than an hour. Even after 1 hr, the dough was still kinda soft. However, I went ahead to roll and cut the dough. Thank goodness the cookies came out fine, and tasted great too. Though the icing is horrible! LOL ...

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