Kuih Bahulu

About a month ago, I went to Khatib for grocery shopping with my DH. After buying some of the items that I needed, we came to NTUC supermarket. As usual, I won't miss shopping in NTUC. As I browsed through the shelves, I came across this Dough Cake Toaster which was on sale. The usual price was S$34.55 and it was selling at S$19.90 then. So shall I "grap" it? Grapped it I did! In fact, I saw this toaster many times displaying on the shelf of NTUC and some other supermarkets, but didn't have the idea of owning it. This time round, with this "attracting" discount, I owned it for the very first time :-) DH was like: "Huh? Another baking tool again?" LOL ... I told him I will make nice Kuih Bahulu out of this little toaster for him specially. Then he smiled and happily paid for it. Hahaha ...

Here you are, my little dough cakes. They looked like Kuih Bahulu but smaller in sizes compared to those selling outside.


  1. Bahulu are mine and my kids' favourite.... but I don't think I can own this tool even thou it is on discount, cos my dh will also reply "another baking tool?"

    Is there a way I can make it without the tool?

    Your bahulu looks so tasy.

  2. Sherlyn, you tell him is so cheap, if you don't buy now, next time back to original price. Psycho him mah .... ;-p

  3. cannot leh .. he is the finance manager leh .. spending his money also means less money for the kids or somewhere else... keke

  4. aiya, its all about money lor ... nothing to do with good mother keke


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