Kuih Dadar

I have a packet of grated coconut sitting in the fridge, so decided to make Kuih Dadar or Kuih Ketayap (Kuih Ketayap, as the Malays calls it, is a cylindrical shaped kuih with caramelised grated coconut flesh inside and a green pancake skin wrapping it. This is done first by rolling the pancakes around the coconut filling, then folding the sides and finally rolling it again to form cylindrical parcels.)
Receipe from here.

The last two photos were from the courtesy of this website: http://nonya-kueh.blogspot.com/2005/12/nonya-kueh-dadar.html


  1. ahh .. another of my favourite ... oh btw, I am also cantonese :)

  2. 真係禁巧?(read in cantonese) :-)

  3. Ya. So coincidence. but I do not know how to write in cantonese. Perhaps my chinese software do not support. I only know how to use hanyupinyin.

  4. aiyo, singapore chinese software can't write cantonese one. i also use hanyu pinyin.

  5. But I only know how to read cantonese, i cant use hanyupinyin to write cantonse leh.


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