Dinner Tonight

Curry Chicken,
fried cabbage with golden needle mushrooms,
mocked char siew (BBQ pork).
We had these 3 dishes for dinner.
Simple & easy ... I still had time to sit down
to chat with a friend over the phone
while the curry was boiling ... kekeke ...

The curry was nonya style, very flavourful. I added
2 stalks of lemon grass, and it enhanced the overall flavour. Yummy! :-)

The above mocked char siew was bought in NTUC.
At first, the taste was not to my liking. But I bought it already, how?
Ding! (light bulb)
I have a bottle of char siew sauce in the fridge, why not use it
to marinate the mocked char siew, then add a tablespoon of malt,
then bake it in the oven?
And there it went, mocked char siew baking in the oven.
15 minutes later, a plate of fragrant char siew was ready for consumption.
It tasted more like real char siew now. Thanks for the char siew sauce.


  1. 小學開課後,我似乎很忙。。。真的希望快點整頓好家裡的事。。。希望過年後,我又能烘烘煮煮。你的料理真的讓我垂涎三尺。

  2. 你太过奖了。材料十分简单,不一下子就上桌了。其实你也可以,只是你现在为孩子忙。妈妈就是妈妈,为了孩子自己的兴趣也要靠边站。伟大!:-)

    介绍你这个Ikan Brand 咖喱鸡即煮料Nonya Style的。我是在湿巴刹买的,好像两块钱一包。煮出来的咖喱很好味道。我的这锅咖喱煮得浓稠了点,应该加多一点点清水。


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