You are Always a Star in my HEART

Since this month is my 4th wedding anniversary month, I just want to put this list of things here to remind myself that I need to learn daily on how to sustain our relationship, a long lasting one... ...

1) 原谅及遗忘彼此的过去,珍惜当下
 forgive & forget (literally must do it)

2) 保持乐观
 be optimistic at all times (float above the water, not under :-))

3) 给彼此安全感
 give each other a sense of security

4) 彼此信任
 trust each other

5) 相敬如宾
 respect each other

6) 彼此接受

7) 彼此肯定

8) 设身处地为彼此着想,要有同理心

9) 彼此聆听
 be a listener

10) 彼此分享
 sharing ... ... ...

And the list goes on ... maybe you can help me to continue the list? :-)

You are always a star in my HEART.

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