Banana Loaf OR Banana Choc Chips Loaf?

The answer is both! Separate the batter into two loaf tins, sprinkle one with choc chips, one without, and you have two different kinds of BANANA LOAF! :-)  I used the same recipe I baked my previous banana cake. It is a great recipe. Thanks to Cooking Ninja.


The 8th Day of CNY, a healthy dinner 年初八,吃桌健康菜

Good times pass in a twinkle of eye. Today is already the 8th day of Chinese New Year.  Tomorrow onwards, almost all of us will return to our normal work routine.  Of course, they are many of them out there already gone back to work on the 4th day of CNY, i.e. 17th Feb. 
In fact, this year's CNY seems to passby very fast.  As many shops & restaurants open their businesses on the 2nd day of CNY.  Well, I guess is because they do not want to let their shops be vacant for too long.  Rental is sky high in Singapore.  Instead of resting for many days during CNY, which many other countries like Hong Kong PRC, China, Taiwan etc. have a longer period of rest, Singaporean Chinese are more "kiasu"  (Hokkien term means scared to lose).  Well, I can understand the reason why.  Singapore's rental for shops are rocketing high.  If the business is closed for a week, there will be lost of income and imagine the rental still goes on!  As such, Singapore businessmen normally have shorter rest than their China & Taiwan counterparts.
Tonight, I have cooked some healthy food for my DH and myself.  Well, to some of them glutinous rice is not really healthy stuff as it doesn't aid in digestion.  However, to me if consume in small amount, it is ok.  Nonetheless, elderly folks should eat less of this glutinous rice. 
The thick soup, in Chinese is termed as Geng1.  Ingredients include Bak Choy, tomatoes, carrot, tofu & eggs. Seasoning: Chicken broth, salt, sugar, pepper, sesame oil & cornstarch. Very easy to whip up. Give a try.

Bak Choy Tomato Tofu Thick Soup

Glutinous Rice Meatballs

I got the recipe from here:小小米桶(it's a Chinese website)
She has made 20 meatballs, but I managed to make 18 only. I think
mine are a little bigger than hers, that's why.

Glutinous Rice Meatballs Recipe
200g    Minced pork or chicken
3 nos.   Chinese mushrooms
1 tbsp   Dried shrimps
1 cup    White Glutinous Rice
1 tbsp   Scallion, chopped (I didn't use but I replaced with chopped carrot)
some wolfberries for decoration

1 tbsp    Soy Sauce
1 tbsp    Chinese cooking wine
2 gloves Garlic, minced
A little pepper & salt to taste
1 tbsp    Sesame oil
1 no.     Egg (use the white or the yolk, but I used both)
1 tbsp   Cornstarch

1. Wash & soak glutinous rice overnight. On the day of cooking, drain and set aside.
2. Wash & soak mushrooms & dried shrimps until softened.  Drained.
3. Then soak dried shrimps in White Rice Wine (if don't have, use Chinese cooking wine will do) for 5 mins.
4. Minced the mushrooms & dried shrimps. Set aside.
5. Firstly, mix 200g minced meat with the first 4 items of seasoning together.  Mix till sticky.
6. Then add minced mushrooms & dried shrimps. Follow by egg & cornstarch. Lastly, add in chopped scallion. Mix all together till form a "meat dough".
7. Make small meatballs out of the meat dough.  Roll meatballs on drained glutinous rice.  Press the meatball lightly to let the rice stick on it. Repeat the process until all the meat is used up.
8. Put meatballs in the steamer to steam on high heat for 15 mins.  Then serve hot.

Make you own dipping sauce:
Mix together 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tbsp black vinegar & a few drops of sesame oil


My Maiden Egg Tarts 初次蛋挞



Almond & Cashew Nuts Crunchy Cookies

Baked some CNY cookies for my mum & in-laws.  These cookies are easy to bake.  I bought 3 blocks of SCS butter from NTUC for only S$8.50. They provide a recipe for CNY cookies, so I "kapo" (take) one from the shelf.  Follow the recipe nearly to the T, except omitted the baking powder.  The cookies came out crunchy and full of buttery aroma. YuMmY! :-)


Birthday Today

Don't mistaken, is not my birthday today, but my DH's.  :-)
Yes, today is his big day. 

According to the Chinese tradition, those who born before
Chinese New Year is older by one year. 
I don't know how true is this. 
Anyway, I have baked a small chocolate cake for him today. 
I have forgotten to take cross section pics of the cake.
This is my first attempt (again), to bake this kind of sponge cake with chocolate ganache.
I always find it very troublesome (or I'm too lazy to do it) to frost a cake. :-p
Nonetheless, everything has its first time.  And this is my first "proper" frosted cake.
I topped it up with some fresh strawberries and Hershey's kisses,
and some almond nibs at the side.
I got the cake recipe from here.
Thanks Zurynee for the wonderful recipe.
Here are the pics.

Our Life's Journey Together

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