Birthday Today

Don't mistaken, is not my birthday today, but my DH's.  :-)
Yes, today is his big day. 

According to the Chinese tradition, those who born before
Chinese New Year is older by one year. 
I don't know how true is this. 
Anyway, I have baked a small chocolate cake for him today. 
I have forgotten to take cross section pics of the cake.
This is my first attempt (again), to bake this kind of sponge cake with chocolate ganache.
I always find it very troublesome (or I'm too lazy to do it) to frost a cake. :-p
Nonetheless, everything has its first time.  And this is my first "proper" frosted cake.
I topped it up with some fresh strawberries and Hershey's kisses,
and some almond nibs at the side.
I got the cake recipe from here.
Thanks Zurynee for the wonderful recipe.
Here are the pics.


  1. Not sure if my previous comment went through. Was saying your deco looks lovely and you are so creative to use hersley kisses as deco. My dh's birthday is coming too ... perhaps I will be copying your recipe.... ok? :)

  2. Sorry for late reply. :-p
    If you look closely at the pic, u will notice there are some white colour icing there. Thus, the Hershey's kisses were used to cover up the "defect"! At first I want to use white icing to write some words on the cake, but to my dismay, the tube of icing finished as soon as I finished writing "Happy". So without any choice, I quickly use whatever I have on hand to rectify the error. Hence, Kisses came into picture!


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