My dinner & my snack

I had dumpling soup noodle and green vege for one of my dinners.  It was a simple fair to whip up these dumplings. Main ingredients are: dumpling skin, minced meat, prawns, water chestnut, scallion (I replaced it with minced ginger). Seasoning: salt, pepper, sesame oil, chicken powder, soy sauce.
I also baked some hotdogs wrapped with Roti Prata. I got this idea from Fresh From The Oven.
 As the Prata Dogs, as FFTO called it, were baking in the oven,
I could smell the aroma in the whole kitchen. I couldn't wait to taste it. At last, the baking was over. And there my prata dog was waving at me to take a bit. Munch, munch much, WOW the prata was flaky enough for my liking and the hotdog was still as juicy, though the outlook seems kinda dry.
Enough said, here are the pics.

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