I love my family

I grew up in a modest family of four, dad, mum, brother & I.  We are a close-knitted family.  Our parents love us a lot, because there are only 2 of us.  Since young, my relationship with my brother has met with many ups & downs.  This was so because both of us were quick tempered and don't like to give in to each other.  Hence, many a times, we ended up with big arguments and don't talk to each other for days.  However, as age is catching with us, we are now enjoying a very harmonious bro & sis relaitionship.  Especially when after I got married and moved out from my home, then I realised the importance of keeping a vibrant relationship with my family.  I called my mum everyday on the phone, though sometime just to ask if she has eaten, or talk to my dad to see if he catches enough rest etc.  Of course, my brother who loves to watch soccer.  I will chat with him about soccer over the phone.  And when my tuition assignment is near my mum's place, I will definitely stay there for dinner.  Family ties are hard to be broken.  I have to take initiative to keep such close-knitted relationship.  There will be no one esle except my family who will accept me the way I am. They will be the closest to my heart till the day I depart.
Two weeks ago was my brother birthday.  I gave him a treat at a western restaurant as I recommended the premium ribs to him.  It was indeed a good choice as my brother enjoyed it very much.  I'm one happy bird :-)   As for me, I love cheese, thus I ordered a cheesey chicken chop.  However, I find that it  is too heavy a meal for me.  Nonetheless, the tasted was great.
Hereby,  wanted to wish my brother a healthy and prosperous year.  I love you my dear Brother!

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