I love Nonya Kueh --- Kueh Dadar

I love to eat nonya kueh. However, till now, I only know how to make Kueh Dadar & Ondeh Ondeh. This afternoon, to consume the packet of expiring grated coconut, I made some Kueh Dadar again. However, I was quite happy with the result. I can say this is by far the most successful Kueh Dadar I have made. The skin for wrapping the filling was just the right taste and colour. I did not really measure the ingredients used, I just agak-agak (means estimate) only. :-p Previously, I followed the measurement of the ingredients to the T, but still did not yield satisfied results. Now I know, guts feeling can be of good used.
Recipe extracted from Indonesian Delights Desserts & Snacks (特色印尼糕点)
250g    Plain flour        >   For these 2 flours, I only estimated the amount
50g      Tapioca flour   >   You can follow this exact measurements.
3 nos.   Beaten eggs
300ml  Coconut Cream (I used 200ml only)
2 Pandan leaves (screwpine), blended & strained (I used a few drops of pandan paste only)
500ml  Water (I find this amount of water is too much, I used only about 400ml)

100g    Fresh grated coconut (I used a packet of ready-shredded coconut sold at supermarkets)
300g    Gula melaka (Indonesian palm sugar) (I used about 1 and 2/3 small cones)

1. Crush gula melaka. Cook in a pot. Add grated coconut and cook until sugar dissolves and it thicken into a batter.
2. Combine eggs, coconut cream, water and juice of pandan leaves (or a few drops of pandan paste).  Fold in sifted tapioca & plain flour. Stir until it thickens into a batter.
3. Add 1 tsp of oil into a flat-bottomed non-stick pan.  Add a scoop of batter and fry into a pancake.
4. Add filling from Step (1) onto pancake.  Roll up like you roll a spring roll.  Serve.

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