Esther goes vegetarian, only tonight :-)

Tonight, hubby and I turned "temporal" vegetarian. Both dishes I cooked are without meat.
But not too healthy, as one is with coconut milk, the other is fried stuff.
However, this is my first meal totally without meat. :-)
And there will be more to come, and of course will be more healthy dishes.

I have already made pancakes on 23rd June. 2 days later I made another batch.
This time round, I used self raising flour instead of plain flour.
And I can tell you, using plain flour with baking powder taste better!
My hubby also can tell the difference.  Hence, in future I will use only plain flour to make
my yummy pancakes. :-)


我的晚餐和甜品 外加XO榴莲



在写这篇文章时,那碗甜品还“躺”在饭桌上呢。zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  @@

A Life Buoy or Not? What to have for breakfast?

Weather is very hot, weather is very cold,
weather is very unpredictable.
I need a life buoy, to help me
stay afloat.
I need something cooling to soothe my
dried and thirsty throat. 
Breakfast can come in many forms.
Some like jam and bread.
Some like cereal and milk.
Some like sausage, egg and muffin.
For me, I like pancake, butter and syrup. YUMMY!


香辣虾糯米卷Rempah Udang


我做的是香辣虾糯米卷,马来语是Rempah Udang。Rempah的意思是咖喱的香料,也就是辣的意思。Udang是虾的意思。因此,Rempah Udang就是香辣虾。这个糯米卷是一种娘惹小吃,挺容易做的。
300g 白糯米
100g 椰浆
1/2 茶匙 盐

200g 现成香辣虾米(叁巴虾米)
100g 椰丝

5)把1½汤匙的糯米饭放在保鲜膜上, 压平。


My very first Swiss Roll

I have the thought of making swiss roll for a very long time.
However, at the back of my mind I always think that making swiss roll is a very difficult thing, I mean the rolling up part. Hence, because of this reason, I always procrastinate my swiss roll baking.
This afternoon, I have made up my mind to do it, for only one reason ~ I have 3 eggs left in the fridge and I have this swiss roll recipe that calls for 3 eggs. A very good reason indeed, to finish up my eggs. There you go ... my long waited swiss roll is here ...
Though the presentation of the swiss roll is not very nice, but I am happy with the result. At least I have no cracks like some of the bakers do when they rolled up the cake.  However, I have it done up a little too thick.  Nonetheless, I managed to roll up without any problem.
But one little setback, I did not roll it tight enough 
Anyway, here's my maiden KAYA SWISS ROLL.

75g  self raising flour
75g  caster sugar
3nos eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence

1) Preheat oven to 180*C. Grease and line a swiss roll tin.
2) Sift flour twice.  Whish eggs & sugar till foamy. Add vanilla essence.
3) Gently fold in flour in additions.
4) Pour batter to prepared tin and bang the tin a few times on table surface.
5) Bake for 15 - 20 mins.
6) Cool the cake for 5 mins. Trim the edges of the cake. Roll up before spreading jam or kaya using
    baking paper.
7) Hold the shape for 5 mins.
8) Spread jam, kaya or other spreads of your choice, making sure not to over do it so that it is easier to 
    roll up later.
9) If desired, sprinkle some icing sugar on the swiss roll. Slice and serve.

In the mood to cook

This was my dinner yesterday.
Hubby was around, and I was in the mood to cook,
so this spread of dishes were whipped up.
Buffalo drumplets, carrot & onion omelette &
fried celery with carrot & cashew nuts (I called it the fried 3Cs)

My Simple Dinner

This was my simple dinner on Friday. My hubby was not around.
Hence, I just had this for dinner. 
Sometimes, out of laziness, I will whip up such "not so healthy" food for myself,
especially when my hubby is not around or I am not too hungry.

I baked butter cake again. 
Whenever I baked such cakes, my thoughts will always linger around my fourth aunty.
She was an expert in baking butter cakes. 
Now that she was gone in April, her skill & recipe of making butter cake was also gone with her.
Anyway, now that I know how to make butter cake, I will always remember my aunty.
Well, you may say that thru this same baking interest, I have something in common with her.
That makes me closer to her in certain sense...





Peach Cheesecake

It's been quite sometime that I have done a non-bake cheesecake.  Arm with a canned of syrupy peaches and a block of Philly cream cheese, I went ahead to make this yummilious Peach Cheesecake.
Come and have a slice ... :-)

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