A Life Buoy or Not? What to have for breakfast?

Weather is very hot, weather is very cold,
weather is very unpredictable.
I need a life buoy, to help me
stay afloat.
I need something cooling to soothe my
dried and thirsty throat. 
Breakfast can come in many forms.
Some like jam and bread.
Some like cereal and milk.
Some like sausage, egg and muffin.
For me, I like pancake, butter and syrup. YUMMY!


  1. I love the bear paw. Did you make that?

  2. By accident :-) hahaha ... cute hor?

  3. Ya so cute ... did u jot down the steps .. try recreate it, then perhaps u can start a stall selling bear paw pancake. :)

  4. In fact, this thought of opening a stall to sell kuih kuih, pastry, dessert etc. is always on my mind. But doing F & B work very long hours and it takes quite a long time to break even the business. And to fork out a big sum of intial capital is also a problem. Many factors affecting me to put thoughts into action. :-[


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