Genting & KL ~ Day 2

Day 2

At about 8am, we went to the hotel cafe to have our buffet breakfast.  On our way there, we took some photos.
It was so very crowded at the cafe. Many tourist and hotel stayers queued up outside the cafe waiting to go in. It was quite a sight! The cafe was very spacious and divided into sections. Though the number of eaters were numerous, food was more than enough to feed hungry tummies. I didn't bother to take pictures as I was too busy "searching" for food. :-B  My dad and hubby were very busy as well, so much to look at and so much to savour ... Yum!

After breakfast, we walked around the hotel vicinity to digest our food. Three big round tummies .... LOL ... and mine the biggest! XOXO ...

After few hours of walking, my dad, an 85 years old gentleman, said he wanted to rest. Hence, I accompanied him back to the hotel room, so that I can rest too. (excuse of being lazy .. ). In fact, before we went to the hotel room, I brought my dad to a very nice Chinese food centre at the centre of the hotel mall to have a cuppa and also to rest our legs. I had a good time with my dad, talking and reminiscing about our trips we had taken to Malaysia when I was still a little girl. To my surprise, my dad's memory is even better than mine.

My hubby went to the Casino alone to "recover" what he had lost the previous night. (at the end of the day, he lost even more) ... hahaha ... serve him right for being greedy.. (a very bad wife hor).
In the afternoon, we went to a restaurant at the middle of the mountain, Mushroom Farm Restaurant. My hubby's Malaysian friend is working there as a Chef. He has asked us before to go and visit him whenever we go to Genting. Therefore, we made it to the restaurant this time. Last year, same at Genting, we didn't make it as time was too rush for both of us. He was very generous to give us a treat. Not only he paid for the lunch, he cooked for us as well. Really thanks Uncle Leong (that's how we addressed him) for being so hospitable. Here are the yuumy dishes he cooked for us.


The dishes were so delicious that 3 of us finished them all. We will come again during next trip if it is still there. This is because according to Uncle Leong, the place might be returned to the mountain owner for other development. Though this is a simple restaurant, it is quite profitable. It can earn up to RM30,000 a day during school holidays.

Hence, giving it up will be quite a pinch to the restaurant owner. This is how the restaurant look like.
After lunch, Uncle Leong invited us to visit the Lingzhi (a.k.a.灵芝or Ganoderma) farm which is located behind the restaurant. It is a rare chance to visit such a farm in Malaysia, not to mention Singapore.  Hence, without hesitation, we went straight to the farm. We thought it would be a small scale farm, but it turned out to be quite big.  There are 2 such farms opposite each other. That's how the farm look like.
The farm is cool and damp, which is good for growing Lingzhi. However, it seemed that no one has gone in for quite sometime, as there were spider webs here and there. Quite an interesting experience to visit such a farm.
The air outside the restaurant was very fresh, so cool and crisp, felt so freshened up after a heavy meal.
After the lunch, we went to the hotel arcade to play some games.
Hubby tried to "ride" on the motorbike and came in 8th place! :-O
He is an expert in car driving, but not motorbike. 
At night, we had our dinner at Kopitiam.  Yes, the hotel has a Kopitiam in the building.  It is very much like our food court in various shopping malls.  The food they sell is very delicious and not expensive at all. Happily eating away, I forgot to take pictures of the food we ate. zzzzzzzzzz....

Dinner over, we took a walk again.  The air at night is cooler.  Genting Highland has a higher temperature than what we had experienced last year November. At night it is between 16-20*C.  In the afternoon, it can shoot up to 29*C!  Blame the global warming?  Well, I think all human beings who stay on earth have to play a part.

End of the Day 2. :-)

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