My First Cupcake

I have baked many muffins before but this is my first cupcakes.  In fact, I find that muffins & cupcakes have not much of a difference. However, from this blog and this blog, I now know the differences between muffins & cupcakes.  Upon careful tasting of the both, one can really taste the differences.
I also found out that muffin cannot be overmixed, but cupcake is ok to mix it thoroughly, of course not overdo it.  I hope my findout is correct. :-)

Anyway, I managed to bake a good batch of cupcakes this time round.  I will try to bake other flavours in the near future.  It is quite easy to bake. This time I baked vanilla flavour with Nutella as the filling. However, I don't why the Nutella cream sank to the bottom of the cupcake when I cut open to see. Anyone can advice me?  Many thanks. :-)


  1. The cupcakes look so moist, must be yummy too ^_^

  2. 谢谢你的赞美。蛋糕体的确很松软湿润。原食谱本来是用牛油的,我改用葵花油来替代,感觉上比较健康吧。:-)

  3. Your bakes is getting better and better! yummy! :)

  4. Thanks Aimei for your kind compliments. 俗语说“不进则退”. With encouragement from you and other food bloggers, I will continue to pursue on. 谢谢!


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