Take A Break to Genting & KL ~ Day 1

I'm back from my short trip to Genting & KL on Thursday night. We flew back by Air Asia instead of the usual way of taking a coach. It was really much comfortable to take a flight back. The journey from KL to Singapore is just a mere 45 minutes. Anyway, we had a fun and fruitful trip. My dad, hubby and myself enjoyed it very much. My hubby was suggesting to have another family trip this year end. Well, hope it will materialise. :-) Say no more, here are some of the photos I had taken during the trip. Some of them were not well taken, please pardon me for my poor photography skills. ;-P

Day 1
We landed on Genting Highland, First World Hotel at about 9pm plus on Monday.  After checking in, we were hungry and tired, so we quickly found a restaurant to "cure" our hunger.  We found this Hainan Restaurant in the hotel building and decided to have a meal there. The food standard was "so-so" only.  They added too much curry powder to the curry chicken noodles.

My dad and hubby both ate Chinese Braised Noodles. Not too tasty as well. :-(

However, since we were so hungry, we didn't mind about the taste,
but we will not come here again for their Chinese Food. 
But their traditional toast with Kaya-Butter was quite nice though.

This is how the Hainan Restaurant look like.

After the late dinner, we headed to the First World Hotel Casino.  The Casino doesn't allow photo taking, so no pictures to show you. :-)
We stayed there till past midnight and were too tired to continue.
Thus, we headed back to the hotel room and called it a day...

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